Tip #003: Rest Server with Jersey (JAX-RS) – Gradle

In this tutorial, we will show how to generate a WAR file to deploy a simple rest server, written in Java and built with Gradle. Please check it out on our GitHub page: https://github.com/topera/gradle-rest-server-jaxrs Enjoy!    


Tip #002: Rest Server with Jersey (JAX-RS)

In this simple hello world we show how to create a simple rest server using the reference implementation of JAX-RS, called Jersey. The dependencies are managed by Maven. Please see the code for a working example here https://github.com/topera/maven-rest-server-jaxrs

Tip #001: Rest Server + Rest Client

The first tutorial released! In this GitHub repository, we'll show how to create a simple Rest Server and Rest Client using Java + JAX-RS (implementation with Jersey)  + Maven. The Rest Client will be our application, that will get some playlists from the Deezer music stream service. Then the content will be delivered by our application, as … Continue reading Tip #001: Rest Server + Rest Client

Four new apps released: LingoCalc Flavors!

We are proud to announce the release of four new flavors of LingoCalc app. Now you can install only the desired language that you are learning, keeping the UI even more simple. The languages are English, French, German and Italian. If you want to install, just search for LingoCalc in Google Play.  You can find … Continue reading Four new apps released: LingoCalc Flavors!

Dicas Básicas de Android para Programadores Java Experientes

Decidimos compartilhar conhecimento, seguindo nossa filosofia: "Simple. Fast" Se você já tem bastante experiência em Java você só precisa de algumas palavras-chave para resolver seu problema. Então vamos lá! * Por favor deixe seu comentário se encontrar algo errado! Grato! #001 Pergunta: Como impedir que o teclado abra automaticamente quando a tela é carregada? Solução: coloque android:focusableInTouchMode="true" no … Continue reading Dicas Básicas de Android para Programadores Java Experientes