New Docker Image: Jenkins+Docker

Suppose you are running a Jenkins server using Docker. And suppose that one of the build steps is to run some Docker command line operation, like docker build. Well, we are proud to announce that we released a new Docker image: Jenkins + Docker. This is the same official Jenkins image but with Docker inside. … Continue reading New Docker Image: Jenkins+Docker

New Docker Image: maintenance

Due to our problems with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, reported here, we created a new Docker image for maintenance page. This is very basic maintenance page that can be useful if you just need to replace your docker container with anything else, to force an undeploy in AWS Elastic Beanstalk for example (there is no button … Continue reading New Docker Image: maintenance

Continuous Deployment with Travis and AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Our problem We, at TeraHorse, are willing to have full CI/CD environment and we started with our next product, the Fobit Game. To finish the Continuous Deployment implementation we need to tell Travis-CI to deploy our game at AWS Elastic Beanstalk. This can be done in at least 2 ways: Gradle or using the Travis-CI Elastic Beanstalk … Continue reading Continuous Deployment with Travis and AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Four new apps released: LingoCalc Flavors!

We are proud to announce the release of four new flavors of LingoCalc app. Now you can install only the desired language that you are learning, keeping the UI even more simple. The languages are English, French, German and Italian. If you want to install, just search for LingoCalc in Google Play.  You can find … Continue reading Four new apps released: LingoCalc Flavors!

O LingoCalc faz aniversário de 1 ano!

Nosso primeiro aplicativo, LingoCalc, está completando um ano de vida! LingoCalc é uma calculadora que te ajuda a aprender os números em outros idiomas: Inglês, Francês, Alemão e Italiano. Enquanto você faz uma soma, por exemplo, você pode ouvir os números e as operações que você está fazendo naquele momento. Confira nossa calculadora em uso: Está disponível de … Continue reading O LingoCalc faz aniversário de 1 ano!

LingoCalc completes one year!

Our first app, LingoCalc, is completing one year! LingoCalc is a calculator that helps you to learn numbers in other languages, in four idioms: English, French, German and Italian. While you type a sum, for example, you can hear the numbers and the operations that you are doing at that moment. Check out the calculator … Continue reading LingoCalc completes one year!